Darlene Hess is a visual artist living in Cleveland, Ohio. Her style has evolved over time from classical realism to abstract expressionism; she is compelled to create and share her creations with others. As a child, she used her hands to express how she felt through drawings, paintings, cards and trinkets in an effort to connect with those she cared about.

She attended Kent State University and went on to become an Art Director working in several Advertising Agencies in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. It was in this environment that she honed her abilities to communicate to others through a single image. Over time, she began to realize she could do this from a platform of compassion, empathy, love and hope. Later, while raising her family, she taught art to elementary school children and worked in student ministry. Most recently, she served as a magazine editor and designer.

Today, Darlene has been afforded the opportunity to pursue painting full-time. Her brush and paint are a means to making transcendent connections with people - beyond the superficial. It is this connection she hopes to make with others through the visual images and items she creates. She teaches art classes, curates the art gallery at Christ Community Chapel, as well as volunteers weekly at the Door #2 Art Ministry in Hudson. Her work has been on display throughout Akron and now in Cleveland. She spent the last year and a half as a studio artist in the Akron Summit Artspace and recently moved to the Artist Collective on the 6th floor in the Artcraft Building in Cleveland, Ohio.

Artist’s Statement

Visual communication is the most genuine and transparent way I can express my feelings to those around me. A single image, if properly executed, is not limited by the confines of time, age, gender, race, culture or economic status.

Although my training is in classical oil painting, I am currently focused on using acrylic paint—pushing its limits and exploring more and more ways I can express myself through it.